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Your Host  

Rodrigo Díaz Mercado  

International Bestseller Author & Speaker, and Spiritual Intelligence Expert   


Course Description  

You can easily experience Love, Happiness, Peace, Joy & Abundance in your life. But what gets in the way is that you and I were never taught how to have healthy emotional intelligence, let alone a healthy spiritual intelligence.   


Join International Bestseller Author & Speaker, and Spiritual Intelligence & Mindset Expert, Rodrigo Díaz Mercado, and learn the essential tools to create Love, Happiness, Peace, Abundance and Prosperity in your life!   


In a very simple-to-digest experience, Rodrigo shares how your INNER world creates everything that happens in your OUTSIDE world. This course is based on Rodrigo’s book: "Sleight of Mind - How to Create & Experience Magic in Your Life".   


In this course you will create a personal M.A.P. (a Miracle Attraction Plan), a unique guide to achieve the Life of your Dreams and live a life full of Abundance and Happiness. You will learn exercises and practices from the fields of Neuroscience, Spirituality and Quantum Physics to help you transform your life, as if by magic. You will understand how to create Miracles in your everyday life.   


If you are looking for:    

  • Your way back to Peace, Abundance and Happiness   
  • Recovering the desire to get excited about life   
  • Learning the Laws of the Universe   
  • How to create and manifest what you want - The Life of Your Dreams   
  • Understanding your purpose in life   
  • How to get out of a state where you feel stuck...   

…this course for you!    


Sign up and rediscover that LOVE, HAPPINESS, PEACE AND JOY are your natural state of being.   The Life of Your Dreams is waiting for you to say "YES"!  


Bonus #1 – Get a copy of “Sleight of Mind – How to Create & Experience Magic in Your life (Value $29.99 CAD)  

Get a Free copy of Rodrigo’s book and start creating REAL MAGIC in your life! 


Bonus #2 – FREE COACHING CALL with Rodrigo (Value $220.00 CAD) 

You get a free 45 min coaching call with Rodrigo Diaz Mercado at the end of the course to go over the application of the course content in your personal life experience  

Creating Magic in Your Life Online Course