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Your Host   

Rodrigo Diaz Mercado   

International Bestseller Author & Speaker, and Spiritual Intelligence Expert    


Course Description   

Imagine creating a New Reality, one where your life starts to flow and you get to experience a more joyful, purposefully-driven, abundant life.


Join this sprint course with Rodrigo Diaz Mercado, International Bestselling Author, Speaker and Spiritual Intelligence Expert, where you will learn how to Create a New Personal Reality.


In this Course, you will find the tools you need to develop a healthy mindset so that you can create an advanced mental and emotional health. All lessons are inspired by mindful, interactive neuroscientific principles and practices. 


This Course is divided into three parts where you will learn: 

  • The 3 stages to a Personal Transformation 
  • The 2 reasons why change is so hard 
  • A 5-Step Formula to Create a New Personal Reality!


In this course you will:     

Understand how your Reality is created 

Prepare yourself to create a New Life 

Become aware of how to achieve the Life of your Dreams 

Improve your mindfulness 

Strengthen your emotional intelligence 

Increase your spiritual intelligence. 

Get the formula to create a new personal reality! 

Create the awareness you need to create a new life. 


With this sprint course you will begin your personal transformation and a breakthrough! 


See you inside!


Bonus #1 – Get a FREE copy of the eBook “Creating Magic in Your Life” (Value $9.99 CAD)   Get a Free copy of Rodrigo’s eBook and start creating REAL MAGIC in your life!  


Bonus #2 – FREE COACHING CALL with Rodrigo (Value $120.00 CAD)   

You get a free 25 min coaching call with Rodrigo Diaz Mercado at the end of the course to go over the application of the course content in your personal life experience   

Creating a New Personal Reality Online Course