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Who’s Steering the Boat?

First and foremost, I would like to wish you all a belated Happy new year as this is my first article of 2021.

I trust you all had a wonderful Holiday season!

We have all seen and experienced some major upheaval since this time last year, have we not?

Some changes for the better and some changes for the worse, but nonetheless, we have seen changes.

How have you dealt with these times personally? ….Have you risen to the challenge? Have you seized this opportunity to walk the path of personal growth, or have you found yourself turning around and heading back down the path towards safer havens?

There is no right or wrong answer to this query, only your answer… This ultimately is all that matters. We have to do what feels right for us.

But may I ask you a question?

If you turned around back down the path to that familiar place… What did you find?

Did you find comfort? Did you find familiarity in old eating patterns, or did you find familiarity in a bottle of whiskey or maybe in a big old spliff?

Was the time spent overindulging in social media or binge-watching Netflix?

Understand there is no judgement here… This is simply what we as humans tend to do… We look for external influence to comfort us, to keep us distracted so that we do not have to face that which we do not wish to face…… Ourselves.

Trust me; I have done it myself. By no means am I ready to sit atop the mountain levitating for weeks on end with a still mind…. Far from it!

I would however, like to remind everyone that we have been offered a Golden opportunity here.

We are living the manifestation of that which so many of us have been asking for…… A time of awakening. Yes, we have asked for these times, whether you wish to accept it or not.

A shift in consciousness will always come at a cost. In this instance, it is the cost of our lower selves.

At some point in any hero’s journey, one must come face to face with ones’ own lower self. This is the only way one can heal.

At some point in any heros’ journey, questions of ones’ lower self have to be asked.

Questions such as “Why do I have to eat that bag of chips?” Or

“Why do I need to drink that bottle of whiskey or smoke that big fatty?”

Of course, lower self will always try to convince you that “It’s ok, there is no harm in it.”

Now on some level, that may be a truth….. but on another level, nothing could be further from that truth.

There are countless reasons why people hide from facing themselves. That is not for this article.

What is for this article is the question, “Are you satisfied with hiding down there within that safe haven, within that comfort zone?”

Question, does remaining in these lower places serve you? Does it serve others, or does it simply serve the egos lust to remain in control?

Deep down, you already know the answer to these questions.

Knowing the answers is one thing…….. facing however, is a whole different ball game!

We are in the midst of the greatest, most widespread awakening in the history of our species… This is undeniable.

We have been given that what so many of us have asked for……. This is why we incarnated at this time…. Right?

So here is a question… “Do we allow ourselves to get drawn back down into our lower selves and get caught up in distraction, both internal and external, or do we seize the day?”

Ultimately we have a choice; it is The most important choice one can make.

“Do I allow my lower self to remain in control of my destiny, or do I seize control and start making a difference?”

Only one question remains…..

“Who’s Steering the Boat?”

Love and Light to you all and chat soon …. Love Gerard.

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