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Love Is Who You Are

Channeled Message

You have incarnated to do this … to love yourselves … to know yourselves in your completeness. How to do this is by awareness of who you really are. As infinite beings, your essence is that... of God. You are LOVE.

You have a body which houses your love vibration that is within your soul. You are that vibration.

What we encourage you to do is create more experiences which exemplify this love that is within you for your true self. Be more in line with this love vibration by speaking more compassionately to yourself and to others, by manifesting experiences which exemplify acts of love, by living more mindfully and helping yourself incorporate and align with the love that is within you.

The more you use your energetic frequency in this alignment, the sooner you will bring to you experiences that are beneficial to you for your successes, in all areas of your life.

When you align with the untruths about you, the love that is within you diminishes to almost non-existence and thus what is created by your vibration is what does not align with your truth. Stress is created and lived by. This is not who you are, and this is not what you want.

When we say love yourselves more, we encourage you to honour your truth that is within you by offering it what enhances it.

You are energetic beings of pure love and joy. This is what you must remember and align with, with every thought that you have about you and with every word that you speak that is from you. Your energetic frequency affects you and affects everyone around you, as you are interconnected, not separate as you may think.

Love yourself more by taking care of yourself dear one ...

· wake each morning and fill up with gratitude

· have a daily practice for inner growth (meditation, prayer, visualization, affirmations)

· spend time in nature

· recognize who and what supports you

· do what lights you up

· listen to your body and feed it what it needs

· spend time with those who uplift you

· read inspirational material

· listen to beautiful music

· move your body (exercise, yoga, walk)

· learn something new

You are in physicality to learn how to love yourselves. It is through recognizing who you are and the power that you have that you may do this.

There is no one that is not capable of being love. You ARE that. You must remember this truth and exemplify this to your very selves. And when you do this, others will learn from you and shine their light and honor and respect you for who you really are.

You are all loved and very much appreciated for all the work that you are doing in being the best versions of your very selves. Continue on your path of inner growth dear ones. Continue to bring in this love vibration that is there for you to feel yourselves in your completeness. Return to who you are. Return to the light and you will know yourselves in your truth. Glorify the magnificence of who you are. Love is what will unite you. Love is who you are. You just need to remember.

Always with love and light,


Joanna Alexopoulos is an empathic intuitive, author, poet, spiritual mentor, reiki energy healer, teacher, speaker, and open channel, attaining wisdom and guidance from higher realms of consciousness. Receiving messages from Source her entire life, for many years she didn't understand it and was too afraid to embrace it. Finally she harnessed that power and got the big answers that we all want and channeled it into a book that everyone can use to make their life better.

Her love and compassion for humanity merges with that of the ascended masters’ and is deeply felt in Awaken To Your Truth: The Time Is Now. The masters are a collective of highly evolved beings who have been sent by God, led by Jesus, to assist our world in awakening to the TRUTH of who we are, to create a more compassionate and loving world.

Masters affirm, "We come to you to lead the way in your self-discovery, in remembrance of who you are. We speak to you at this time, for this is the time of new beginnings. We wish to deliver messages that will create movement for grandeur advancements. We have walked on earth and know your pain. We see you. We feel you and want to help you. Our messages are of love and light."

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Awaken To Your Truth: The Time Is Now is available worldwide through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo and Freisen Press Publishing.

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